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About Us

It all started with the founder of Venture Up, Nitin's, growing interest in business and entrepreneurship because of a lack of resources and guidance for young people to get introduced to the field of business, and create their own ideal businesses. Nitin wanted to make it possible for members in their community and beyond to grow as people and as future entrepreneurs. 

Our Programs

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Entrepreneurship 1

Students will master the multiple facets of planning, starting, operating, and growing a business. Truly learn what it means to be an entrepreneur and how a business fits into the overall economic system. Gain a better understanding of identifying opportunities, conducting market analysis, spearheading a marketing campaign, analyzing competition, and developing a business.

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Entrepreneurship 2

Starting a business is no easy task, but being able to maintain and foster growth is essential to being a business owner and entrepreneur. Designed to empower entrepreneurial literacy among high schoolers, students will synthesize the aspects of entrepreneurship and successfully apply concepts which are vital for entrepreneurial thinking in a global 21st century world.


Venture Up has changed the lives of over 2000+ children in helping them realize their leadership and entrepreneurship potential. Learn how you can receive free course access and see our impact in our community.

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GoFundMe Fundraiser

Venture Up has partnered with GoFundMe and all of the money raised from the fundraiser will finance student courses as well as entrepreneurship kits

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