Venture Up is a non profit that teaches children and teens entrepreneurship, and life skills that schools don't usually cover. Venture Up’s goal is to set the foundation of business and personal skills, so young entrepreneurs can go on to achieve greater accomplishments.

It’s Never Too Early to Start Learning Business & Life Skills

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Venture Up's entrepreneurship Level 1 course is a top notch introduction to the world of business and entrepreneurship. This class will supply each student with a toolbox of skills to help them build a business from the ground up. This course has the most premium, and top of the line learning curriculum, and resources to help your child through the beginning of starting their own company. With each class being fun, interactive, and helpful. This course is one you will not want to miss.

Ethan Pereira

"Venture Up is a great experience that you won't regret because I know I didn't. The teachers make the environment comfortable and enjoyable as you learn. Not a single time was I scared to share questions or confused about entrepreneurship while I was learning. They make sure that everyone understands what they teach and what the club is about."

Michael Kolagani

"Venture Up is an amazing opportunity and I am very glad that I didn’t reject this offer. They teach me how to open my mind in any given circumstance and the teachers there are very congenial. All the other kids in my class are also very inquisitive, and the teachers also answer our questions with a straightforward answer and use empathy to understand how we are understanding about the topic. This class is very beneficial and I enjoy it very much."

Sumit Kalaimani

Venture Up was a really interactive, and interesting class, that allowed you to use your own creativity to learn about the topics. The teachers are very well acquainted with the topics, and teach us really well. They answer all of our questions, and the class is very hands on. All in all, I will definitely be returning to Venture Up next year for another great experience.​