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It all started with the founder of Venture Up, Nitin's, growing interest in business and entrepreneurship because of a lack of resources and guidance for young people to get introduced to the field of business, and create their own ideal businesses. Nitin wanted to make it possible for members in their community and beyond to grow as people and as future entrepreneurs. To facilitate his mission, he partnered with a phenomenal organization called Quarter Zero, which provides quality entrepreneurial resources to students all across the nation. Together, Venture-Up has grown and continues to provide adequate business materials and knowledge to members of the Bay Area and beyond.

We are an organization that's founded 

   on giving back to the community.



All of our classes are free of charge because

we believe that business and life skills are something every student should have

                                                 access to, no matter their background or circumstances.

        We will personally guide you through every step of your business or learning

journey, ensuring that everyone that passes by here can go on to achieve greater                                                                                                                 accomplishments in their futures.

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